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Environmental Damage Caused by Oil & Gas Companies

The energy industry is an important part of the economy in both Texas and Louisiana. Many individuals find gainful employment working on drilling rigs, compressor stations, pipelines, and other operations. Unfortunately, these operations can cause serious damage to the environment or result in severe workplace injuries.

Over the years, severe water, land, and air pollution has been associated with oil and gas operations in these states. Examples of land contamination include:

  • Ruts and trenches
  • Mud pits and slush pits
  • Leakage from holding containers
  • Blocked drainage
  • Destroyed soil
  • Harm to local flora and fauna
  • Harm to local wildlife

Examining the Harmful Effects of Land Contamination

Many harmful effects are caused when hydrocarbons, metals, salts, and various forms of toxic waste are not properly cleaned from drill sites. Rivers, underground wells, aquifers, ditches, creeks, lakes, and other water sources can be damaged by contaminants.

Soil can also be damaged, mitigating plant growth for years. People can even fall ill as a result of contact with a large amount of these harmful contaminants. If you are facing a similar situation, you should learn more about your options by calling our firm.

We Fight for the Rights of Landowners in Texas & Louisiana

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If you have experienced property damage because of an oil company's operations, we believe that these companies should be held financially accountable. There is no reason why you should suffer while they make a profit. You have options and rights that we can discuss with you during your free case evaluation. Get started today by giving us a call.

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