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Fires rarely happen as a result of natural circumstances. The cause and origin of a fire is usually a product failure making something ignite or explode. It is important to seek out a Houston burn injury lawyer with experience because you or your family may have significant medical costs associated with the damages or death. You may also have property damage, and the costs to repair may be substantial. The safety regulations in the United States have improved to help us all prevent future fire hazards.

Our Houston burn injury lawyers can help you identify the cause and origin, the technical aspects of any product failure, and identify how the law can help you put your life back together. As the victim of a serious burn injury, you will not only face physical challenges, but you may also suffer psychological damage that will need to be treated as well.

Burn injuries and deaths can be the result of:

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Understanding the Long-Term Effects of Burn Injuries

Burn injuries are often classified by the cause of the burn and the degree of the damage. The damage can vary from first degree burns to third-degree burns.

Burn injuries can also have long-term effects on:

  • Muscles, nerves, bones and blood vessels
  • Respiratory systems
  • Normal body temperature
  • Thermal regulation
  • Joint function
  • Fluid balances
  • Manual dexterity
  • Physical appearance

Compensation for Now and Later

Medical treatment, physical therapy, and counseling may last a lifetime. Proper financial compensation can help put victims and their families securely on the road to recovery. We can help. Our firm is familiar with what your family may need to consider for the long term.

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