Telavancin Lawsuits

Telavancin Injection Found to Cause Birth Defects in Animals

Telavancin injections have not been studied in pregnant women, but it is possible that they may cause birth defects in babies whose mothers received Telavancin injection during pregnancy. According to the FDA, Telavancin injections should not be used while pregnant, or if the patient plans to become pregnant, unless your doctor decides that Telavancin injections are the best treatment for your infection.

If you are able to become pregnant, it is advised to have a pregnancy test before beginning treatment with a Telavancin injection. During treatment patients are advised to use an effective form of birth control for the entire length of treatment with Telavancin injections.

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If you or someone you know becomes pregnant while using Telavancin injection, call the treating doctor immediately. Pregnant patients who have taken Telavancin injections should also consider taking part in the VIBATIV Pregnancy Registry (study to learn how Telavancin injection affects pregnancy and babies).

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Telavancin is an Antibiotic Medication

Telavancin is an antibiotic medication effective against organisms like methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). The most common reason to prescribe Telavancin injections is to treat MRSA. Such infections can be very aggressive and hard to treat. Hospitalized patients can be vulnerable to MRSA because their immune systems may be weakened and may be less able to fight off infections. The Telavancin is available for injection through an intravenous line or catheter.

Pregnant and breastfeeding women should not use Telavancin, as the medication can cause birth defects and other problems. If a patient is pregnant, a doctor can prescribe a more appropriate medication or discuss options; in some cases, the risks of not medicating may be higher than those associated with using the medication. Patients who become pregnant while on Telavancin should discuss the matter with an obstetrician to get advice on whether they need to take any special steps to safeguard the health of the pregnancy.

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