Defective Car Seat Lawsuits

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Car seats should not fail. When they do, the child's injury or death is devastating. You did everything right. Now, where do you turn for legal help? A child injury is an emotional time for a family. Our attorneys know that compassion, understanding, and honest answers about your situation are what you need right now.

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Defective car seats can take many forms:

  • Unsafe car seat design
  • Insufficient material strength
  • Improper or insufficient pre-market safety testing
  • Failure to recall unsafe or defective car seats
  • Unclear instructions for proper installation
  • Insufficient warning labels

Parents are legally obligated to:

  • Put a child in a car seat.
  • Make sure the car seat is designed and manufactured to ensure the highest possible degree of safety.
  • Confirm that the car seat meets federal safety standards.

Manufacturer Responsibilities

Car seat manufacturers are under strict government regulations to meet highly specific and stringent safety standards.

Call us right away if your child has been injured in an accident because of the car seat:

  • Did not offer enough protection
  • Has since become a recalled car seat
  • Has shown to be a defective car seat

Why Choose Our Experienced Team to Handle Your Unsafe Product Claim?

Our firm has a proud record of helping families recover money damages after seeing their child suffer injury or death because of future recalled car seats. We will not rush your family into making a decision. You did not know that you purchased a soon-to-be-recalled car seat that was illegal and defective. We invite you to contact us for a free consultation about what to do about your defective or recalled car seat case. You never expected the car seat to fail.