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If you or a loved one have taken the drug Elmiron® and experienced eyesight damage, you should contact our injury firm immediately. Recent studies have demonstrated that this drug used for treating bladder pain is linked to vision loss and eye disease.

Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc., owned by multinational corporation Johnson & Johnson, is now facing lawsuits for allowing this harmful drug to continue on the U.S. market without providing warnings to the public of its dangerous side effects.

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Important Update 6/30/20: Johnson & Johnson subsidiary Jansen Pharmaceutical Cos. has officially introduced a warning label on Elmiron® regarding the risk of serious eye condition, pigmentary maculopathy.

This is the FIRST time the company has implemented such a warning, which still leaves Janssen liable for injuries that took place before they started warning the public. If you have taken Elmiron® in the past and have suffered eye damage, contact our firm immediately to discuss your legal options.

We Hold Negligent Pharmaceutical Companies Accountable

Fibich, Leebron, Copeland & Briggs is a premier injury law firm based in Houston. We represent clients nationwide who have been harmed by dangerous drugs like Elmiron®. 

Three of our lawyers are board-certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, which means that we have the resources and expertise necessary to achieve success. We are dedicated to pursuing maximum compensation on our clients’ behalf. Contact us today if you believe you might have been harmed by taking Elmiron®.

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Winners Against Large Pharmaceutical Corporations

We have won several lawsuits against a number of pharmaceutical and medical companies, including against Johnson & Johnson for other dangerous or defective medical products. In total, we’ve recovered over $1 billion dollars in compensation for our clients.

If you have experienced vision loss or been diagnosed with an eye disease while taking Elmiron®, you may be eligible to recover economic damages for your injuries.

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Janssen does not fully understand how the drug works!

Elmiron® is a weak blood thinner. Its active ingredient is pentosan polysulfate sodium (PPS), a compound similar to heparin with anticoagulant (blood-thinning) and fibrinolytic (loosening blood clots) effects.

According to Janssen’s own description of Elmiron®, “It is not known exactly how ELMIRON® works,” but it has been shown to effectively treat bladder inflammation and irritation.

What Is Elmiron®?

Elmiron® (pentosan polysulfate sodium) is a drug used to treat bladder discomfort associated with any of the following conditions:

Elmiron® hit the market in 1996 and has been prescribed to millions of patients worldwide. It is the only oral medication approved by the FDA for the treatment of Interstitial cystisis.

Janssen’s drug label includes a list of potential side effects, but none of them are related to eyesight.

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Diagnosed with an Eye Condition After Taking Elmiron®? Contact Our Firm.

Our injury firm has had many successes litigating against corporations who failed to warn the public about the dangers associated with their drugs or medical products. We believe that companies should be held accountable for their negligence and failure to warn the public about the dangers associated with their products.

If you were diagnosed with an eye disease and have taken Elmiron®, you should contact Fibich, Leebron, Copeland & Briggs immediately. You may be one of many victims of this drug’s dangerous side effects and could be eligible for compensation.

Important Update 6/30/20: Janssen Pharmaceutical Cos. has introduced a warning label on Elmiron® for the FIRST time. Contact our firm immediately to discuss your legal options if you think you might have been harmed by taking Elmiron.

Suffering from vision loss after taking Elmiron? Contact Our Firm: Fibich, Leebron, Copeland & Briggs

Suffering from vision loss after taking Elmiron®? Contact our firm today.

Contact Fibich, Leebron, Copeland & Briggs today to discuss your case in a free consultation: (713) 804-6121

Dangerous Side Effects of Elmiron®: Eye Damage

Several studies over the last few years have discovered that Elmiron® is likely linked to a type of retina damage and vision loss called “pigmentary maculopathy.” The eye damage is ongoing, progressive, and irreversible. Ophthamologists have long been unaware of the potential dangers of Elmiron®, and therefore have not known to advise patients to stop taking the drug.

The symptoms connected with Elmiron® related to vision loss include:

eye damage

Important: Damage to the eyes can continue to worsen for years even after you stop taking Elmiron®. According to some studies related to Elmiron’s negative impact on the eyes, it appears that even if a patient stops taking Elmiron®, his or her eye condition can still progressively worsen for years to come.

If it’s been a long time since you’ve taken Elmiron®, but are experiencing vision loss now, you should still contact an injury lawyer. You might be a victim of this drug’s dangerous effects and should get legal help pursuing compensation.

You might have been misdiagnosed!

The vision problems linked with Elmiron® are classified as an unusual type of “maculopathy.” Because of how unusual the condition is and because it is so similar to other common eye diseases, some users of Elmiron® were misdiagnosed. If you were diagnosed with an eye disease and have taken Elmiron®, you should contact our injury firm immediately. You may be one of many victims of this drug’s dangerous side effects and could be eligible for compensation.

Patients who took Elmiron® may have been diagnosed or misdiagnosed with the following eye conditions:

  • Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD)
  • Macular Retinopathy
  • Pattern Dystrophy
  • Retinal Macular Dystrophy
  • Macular Toxicity
  • Retinal Pigmentary Changes
  • Other Maculopathy
  • Pigmentary Maculopathy
  • Macular Degeneration
  • Macular Retinopathy
  • Retinal Deterioration
  • Pattern Dystrophy
  • Other Atypical Maculopathy

Diagnosed with an eye condition after taking Elmiron®? Contact Fibich, Leebron, Copeland & Briggs today to discuss your case in a free consultation: (713) 804-6121  

History of Studies Linking Elmiron® & Eye Disease

2015-2019: The First Discoveries

From 2015-2018, The Emory Eye Center in Atlanta, GA began seeing a new type of eye disease appear in 6 (six) patients. Using retinal imaging, doctors noticed that this disease was not the same as macular degeneration, although very similar. The fact that all of Emory’s patients who had this strange “retinal maculopathy” were women, they decided to conduct further study. The study found that all 6 women were taking Elmiron® for Interstitial Cystitis (IC).

In April 2019, Emory Eye Center conducted a study of 10 patients who suffered from the bladder condition interstitial cystitis. The patients who had NOT taken Elmiron® had no signs of eye damage.

In 2018, The Interstitial Cystitis Network conducted a survey of IC patients who took Elmiron®. The latest results show that of 1,604 patients who took Elmiron®, 53.87% have developed retinal disease. The IC Network then reported their findings to the FDA and petitioned that a warning label be added to Elmiron®.

October 2019: More Studies Yielded Shocking Results

Drs. Vora, Patel, and Melles at Kaiser Oakland found the study by Emory Eye Center in the Journal of Ophthalmology and began conducting their own study on a larger scale. The study took place as follows:

  • Invited 140 Kaiser patients who had taken about 5,000 Elmiron® pills over the course of 15 years to participate in the study.
  • 91 of these patients agreed to participate in a retinal imaging eye exam.
  • 22 of the tested patients (24%) were found to have retinal maculopathy, the strange eye disease that Emory Eye Center had linked to Elmiron®.
  • These patients suffered from significant retina damage and problems with their vision.
  • The damage was more significant for patients who took higher doses of Elmiron®.
Doctor Examining eyes

2019-2020: Dangers of Elmiron® Made More Clear

In November 2019, Dr. Neiraj Jain and colleagues of Emory Eye Center published a study in the British Journal of Ophthalmology, which found that patients are much more likely to develop macular disease after 7 years of taking Elmiron® as compared to patients at 5 years.

Also in November 2019, Drs. Rachel M. Huckfeldt and Demetrios G. Vavvas published a study in which one patient’s maculopathy worsened over time, even though she had stopped taking Elmiron® 6 years earlier.

In January 2020, Drs. Vora, Patel, and Melles published a study of 117 eye patients who suffered significant eye damage during or after taking Elmiron® (PPS).

As of early 2020, several more reports have been published regarding Elmiron’s connection with atypical retinal maculopathy, but neither Janssen or the FDA have issued any warning label or updated prescription information in the United States regarding the potential dangers of the drug.

Eye Exam

Have You Taken Elmiron®? Get an Eye Exam!

If you have taken Elmiron®, you should get an eye exam as soon as possible. If any signs of eye damage are found, you should consider discontinuing the medication immediately and speak with your urologist or ob/gyn.

If no signs of toxicity are found in your eyes, but you still wish to continue with Elmiron®, you should get your eyes checked regularly by an opthamologist. Catching any eye problems early may prevent more severe damage, but the studies are not yet clear on this point. The risks associated with Elmiron® remain significant.

We believe that our findings add strong support to the growing body of evidence that links long-term PPS use to the potential development of a toxic maculopathy.

-Drs. Robin A. Vora, Amar P. Patel, and Ronald Melles

Case Study Data

The following data is from a 2019 study by the Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology regarding 35 cases of individuals who experienced eye damage after taking Elmiron®.

The study found that patients who had taken Elmiron® and suffered eye damage were between the ages of 37-79, with a median age of 60. They had taken Elmiron® for 3-22 years, with a median duration of 14.5 years. Their most common symptoms were blurred vision while reading (48.6%), difficulty adjusting to dark lighting (48.6%), and distorted vision/metamorphopsia (11.4%). These patients had been suffering from symptoms for 1-9 years, with a median of 4 years.

Age 37-79 years, median 60 years
How Long Patient Took Elmiron® 3-22 years, median 14.5 years
Most Common Symptoms
  • Blurred vision while reading 48.6%
  • Harder to adjust to dark lighting 48.6%
  • Distorted vision (metamorphopsia) 11.4%
How Long Have Symptoms Been Present? 1-9 years (median 4 years)


Do I Qualify for an Elmiron® Lawsuit?

If you have suffered eye damage and have taken Elmiron®, you should speak with our Houston injury lawyers as soon as possible to discuss your legal options.

In general, if the following statements are true for you, then you have a strong chance of being eligible to filing an injury lawsuit against Janssen Pharmeceuitca:

  • You have taken Elmiron® for at least two years
  • You have suffered vision problems since taking Elmiron®
  • Your vision problems are among the list of common Elmiron® side effects, outlined above.


    What Can Compensation in an Injury Case Cover?

    The outcome of every case is different, but usually compensation recovered in an injury lawsuit cover the following damages: 

    • All expenses related to medical and therapeutic treatment for your injuries
    • Lost wages if your injuries rendered you unable to continue work as normal
    • Your pain and suffering

    Contact Fibich, Leebron, Copeland & Briggs to learn if you can recover compensation for your injuries.

    Think You Might Have Been Injured by Taking Elmiron? Turn to Fibich, Leebron, Copeland & Briggs

    Patients should be able to trust that the medications their doctors prescribe them will address their symptoms without causing severe and unexpected damage to their bodies. At the least, consumers should be made aware of the potential risks associated with the medications they take.

    It has long been clear that Elmiron® poses a significant risk of danger to the public, yet its manufacturers have refused to warn the public.

    If you’ve suffered eye damage after taking Elmiron®, you should act quickly to discuss your legal options. Our firm works on a contingency-fee basis, which means that our clients only pay a portion of their total settlement amount after winning their case. You don’t pay a dime unless we win!

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